Muffin’s Halo Photos

Muffin’s Halo Photos show blind dogs gaining a new life.

Muffin’s Blind Dog Halo is a highly acclaimed twice patented that helps blind dogs get a new lease on life by leading a bump-free life!  This 3 piece device does not hinder a dog’s normal activities like eating, drinking, sleeping or playing as you can see in these photos. It is light weight, comfortable and a stylish easy fit with Velcro straps. Our blind dog halo acts like a buffer offering your visually impaired dog great head protection with its unique well thought out angel wing  and harness often referred to as an angelic helmet. The custom designed angel wing is made of cushion to soften the impact with hard surface when encountered.  It lightly signals the blind dog of caution and re-directs them.  This blind dog product makes mapping a new and or existing location easy to do. Muffin’s Halo has been featured globally all over the news and it is recommended by Veterinarians and Animal Ophthalmologists worldwide.

Muffin’s Halo was invented out of a dogmom’s love and devotion to her almost 15 year old male toy poodle named “Muffin.”  He went blind over 3 years ago and has since become an advocate helping blind dogs.  His mom, inventor Silvie Bordeaux is on a mission to create a huge movement for blind dogs and bring forth more awareness for them by creating products that give them a new lease on life.

We hope you enjoyed Muffin’s Halo Photos, knowing that we together can make a difference. If you would like to add a photo of your dog wearing thier Muffin’s Halo, contact us today!

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