Understanding Similarites & Ways To Prevent SARDS in dogs

SARDS is a disease that can lead to permanent blindness in one’s pet. Many ask, “is it possible to prevent dogs from getting SARDS”? Little is known about SARDS. Some basic facts have emerged that can potentially give dog owners an idea of what they can do to lessen their babies’ chances of ever falling victim to the illness. Below are a few similarities exhibited by SARDS patients. Understanding these can help prevent SARDS in dogs.

Photoreceptors in Dogs

SARDS occurs when a dog’s photoreceptors—the cells that transfer light from the brain to the eyes—are damaged. This can often result in permanent sight loss and blindness. Enveloping your pet in a world of darkness he’ll have no choice but to get used to. While there’s no known cure for the disease, some common similarities in animals suffering from SARDS have been noted. Here are a few which could give you an idea of what to do (and what not to do) if you’re looking to keep your pup safe.


Prevent SARDS in Dogs With Healthy Weight

A healthy weight can help prevent SARDS in dogs. Cases, for instance, have often been witnessed in dogs that are overweight. Thus, regular exercise and limits on snacks and treats may be necessary to ensure your dog remains in good shape and less prone to the disease. Ensure your dog goes for regular walks throughout the day. Keep him active by taking him to the park for a game of frisbee. Keep him moving so all those extra pounds have nowhere to land.

In addition, remain conscious of how much your dog is eating. Base meals primarily on your dog’s size and present weight. If you have a small dog or one that’s toy-sized, one quarter to three-quarters of a cup of dry food should be enough to keep your little friend’s hunger satisfied. If you have a medium-sized dog, one to two cups of dry food should suffice. Large dogs should typically get about 2.5 cups of dry food.

While treats and extra snacks are bound to make their way to our dogs’ gullets from time to time. Remember, you have complete control over what your dog eats. It’s important not to overdo treat sessions. Make sure they occur only here and there and try to avoid foods that are high in fat, sugars, or additives. Substitutes like carrot sticks can keep you both satisfied. Your dog enjoys a healthy munching session. Plus, you can rest assured that your baby is feasting on something that will do his body good.

Traumatic Events in a Dogs Life

SARDS is also known to occur in dogs that go through stressful or traumatic events. Owners can have a hand in preventing their dogs from undergoing excessive stress or anxiety by keeping them safe throughout their lives. Always keep watch over your dog. Do all in your power to keep him calm and away from anything that could cause anxiety or make his heart jump. The less stress in your dog’s life, the less chance he likely has of contracting the disease.

Pepper Wearing Grey Halo

A Life of Comfort & Warmth Could Be the Key

Lastly, SARDS cases have been known to pop up more often during winter months. Do what you can to ensure your pup stays warm in colder weather. While daily walks are still important, try to take your dog out in the afternoons when it’s warmer. Try avoiding snow and anywhere—or anything—that might present cold temperatures and keep the heat at a steady level when you’re both inside.

It’s unclear if the cold weather that arrives in winter is what causes SARDS, but it’s certainly a possibility, so why take a chance? Giving your dog a safe and comfortable environment could be all that’s needed to keep him healthy and strong in his later years.

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