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Testimonials From Proud Blind Dog Customers

Thank you so Much for the ABSOLUTE WONDERFUL MUFFIN’S HALO!! Daisy Loved the Halo from the moment I put it on her! There was NO “getting use to” “give her time” I put it on her & Daisy took off!! Lol!! Daisy hasn’t ran since becoming blind in June 2018 & with the Muffin’s Halo she instantaneously took off running!! All I seen from behind her was a WIGGLE BOTTOM!! She was super happy and her sprit was lifted!! My other fur babies can’t stop sniffing her when she’s wearing her Halo! When she’s walking with the Halo on - she speed walks! There is No Longer “slow time” with the Muffin’s Halo on!! I caught myself staring at her while she’s wearing the Halo actually contemplating if she could see! Lol!! That’s how confident she has become overnight!! Daisy & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We Love the Muffin’s Halo & couldn’t imagine our new journey without it!! The Halo has made our new life even easier and much more happier!! All our Love & thankfulness go out to you! Thank you sooooo much!! MUFFIN’S HALO is a MUST!! Again, Our Love & gratitude go out to you! 
Michelle C  Las Vegas NV

"I have a 17 year old bichon (Tommy) who has had many health issues over the past two years related to kidney failure. He is almost totally deaf and has just enough vision left to be fearful when objects (even my hands) get too close to his face. Since around January 2014, because of worsening vision loss, Tommy stopped wanting to take walks, one of his primary pleasures in life. He also restricted his movements indoors, primarily staying in one room when he once enjoyed moving from bed to bed throughout the day. It was very sad to watch his world shrinking. I had seen other halo designs and did not like that the halo sits at the line of vision, which would not work for Tommy. I also worried that it would be uncomfortable because the halo wire is attached to a vest or harness along the sides of the dog on other designs. Muffin's halo is the best design I have seen because it is highly adjustable, with the halo more in a visor position. The use of a "wing" to hold the halo is truly ingenious and it is what sets Muffin's Halo apart from earlier designs....Please Read More Patty B.

"This amazing product changed Lily's life, in less than 24 hours!  Our confused, frustrated girl instantaneously was transformed back into a nearly-independent, happy dog! Prior to the halo's arrival, she barely would put one foot in front of the other, fearing her face would hit something hard.  She moped, in her bed, 24/7. In less than one day, she began to TROT around the house and the yard!  Please recommend this product to anyone whose pet can benefit from it; it truly is life-changing, for pets and their humans. " =) Krista B.

My beautiful blind dog Basil wears his Muffins Halo with pride. He was fostered on a five acre small holding and knew his way around well with the use of his halo. When I adopted Basil and brought him to Scarborough North Yorkshire. He had to get used to a much smaller garden area and home. Basil wore the Halo for approx two hours while he explored my home and garden. The Muffins halo prevented him from sustaining any injury and after two hours he was trotting round with the confidence of a sighted dog. Basil was so confident that he can also manage the stairs leading up to the front door. Basil wore his Halo when he did a sponsored walk to raise money for our local dog rescue charity. So many people stopped to great Basil they had never seen anything like his halo before and so many people told us sad tales of having to have dogs put to sleep when they went blind. They all said that if the Halo had been invented years ago that would have enabled them to keep their dogs for longer with a good quality of life. Silvie Bordeaux has invented an amazing device and we can't thank her enough for helping Basil. Basil

The minute I put on the halo Button who's been walking around rather slowly because she's walking into walls takes off trotting through the house its like she has a new found security. This is the best thing I have ever seen and I was so surprised that she liked it so quickly. button is a 15 year old stubborn Pomeranian but like I said with no hesitation started walking around and running like she had a sight back. Button

I live with two rescued blind dogs and I foster rescue blind dogs. As soon as a new blind foster comes to my home I put a Muffin's Halo on them so they can safely map my home. Blind dogs create a mental map of any new environment and to do this they need to bump into the perimeters and obstacles. Better they bump using a muffin's halo than bang their cornea or delicate nose or head. The posture of a blind dog changes when they are properly fitted with a Muffin's Halo. Suddenly they are able to hold their head up and not keep the nose to the ground the entire time. Imagine if we had...Read more Bronwyne M.

I am the executive director of a special needs and senior dog rescue. We have found the Muffin's Halos to be very good for our blind and/or senior dogs. The halo helps their confidence in new situations: both getting out of the shelter and adapting to a foster home and the adapting to their adoptive home. The halo is out of their line of vision, so the dogs who have "some" vision are not prohibited from using what little sight they do have. They are lightweight but sturdy. We do not have the halos on the dogs unsupervised because that would not be safe if they got stuck somewhere. The great thing about the halo is that it is very adjustable and the wings detach from the vest. The vest has a c loop so it can be used as a harness as well. We find that providing the halo along with the dog's adoption puts a pet parent's fear of adopting a blind dog at ease. We explain that this is a tool to help their new blind baby get around safely and with confidence....Read more  Susan B.

This is a great product. Our little blind Schnauzer, Brigit, needed something to protect her face when she bonked into things. We are careful not to change her normal paths so this is minimized but you can't stop it completely from happening. In new situations or when there is a lot of activity at home, this is a great piece of protection. After just a few minutes she was maneuvering around very comfortably. It is easily adjusted for angle and fits her perfectly. The soft cushion behind her head is sturdy, attractive and holds the halo steady, plus she looks adorable. The owner of the company called us directly to ensure we had all the information we needed. Brigit

This is a wonderful product that is helping our little boy Biddy live a bump free better quality of life! First off the product arrived very quickly and as soon as i put the it on him, within a few minutes he started acting like his old self again! exploring all over the house with less fear of bumping his head and hurting himself, he was so timid and scared before he got this and i feel much better now knowing he is safer and happier. Also not only does this product have a strong sturdy protective hoop to protect his head from injuries, but also has angel wings for added protection that is lightweight and comfortable that comes with easy care instructions to keep it clean. The customer service is excellent and very caring and i must say he looks adorable wearing it and gets sweet praises all the time where ever he goes, this product has helped his quality of life so much!...Read more Biddy

"This was Tigers first reaction after putting on Muffin's Halo. I cried, since my husband's departure to Afghanistan I hadn't heard Tigers voice in 2 months. Muffin's Halo made him so happy. He found his toy brought it to me so we could play. This is rare since he lost his sight. He loves it!" Andrea S.

"If you have a blind dog, you have no other option to help their quality of life than getting a Muffin's Halo for your furbaby! Our dog Sasha went blind suddenly (the condition is called SARDS) and Muffin's Halo prevents her from smashing her skull into furniture constantly. The Muffin's Halo is like a bumper for her head, just giving her the slightest resistance to move her away from danger. It's an amazing product and I'd literally be in the funny farm if it weren't for Muffin's Halo. Do not accept imitators...this is the real deal, made with love by Silvie and her team. She is doing amazing work and I can't thank her enough for improving Sasha's golden years. Read the Muffin's Halo site and see what a labor of love this is. I've spoken to Silvie several times by phone and she is passionate, compassionate, and the most empathetic person I've ever "met." Thank you, Silvie and Muffin! Brigette Z.

A friend sent Muffin's Halo for my blind dog A-Rod who had to have both eyes removed due to Glaucoma. A-Rod was bumping into furniture and walls becoming depressed and had anxiety from being blind. Once his Halo arrived and he began to wear it his whole mood changed as he was able to navigate our home with ease. I noticed he was once again his happy self, he gained confidence and felt more secure. This product is a must have for any Pet Owner who has a visually disabled pet. The Halo is light weight and comfortable. I recommend Muffin's Halo and give it 5 stars! A-Rod

I adopted a senior toy poodle who is blind. He tried to walk and bonked into everything. I ordered a Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs for him. It took me longer to put it together (about 2 minutes), than it took little Pierre to figure it out. Almost immediately he developed confidence. He goes everywhere. The halo bonks, not his little head. The other dogs in my pack get out of his way so they don't run into his halo. I totally recommend this product. I love watching him explore his world with joy. Pierre

“I agree with all of the other reviews for Muffin’s Halo. This item is simply a must-have for your blind fur baby! Our 12 year old Katie went blind suddenly due to a condition called SARDS. I was devastated as was Katie. She became depressed and it broke my heart seeing her bump and run into things with her sweet little face that I know hurt her! It was so frustrating going through this and not knowing what to do and I refused to give up on her. Then one day my husband and I started searching on the internet for helmets for bind dogs and this is where I found Muffin’s Halo. We searched the website and realized this would be perfect for our Katie, so we emailed on how to get the correct size for her. Silvie herself called and explained to us what we needed to do to get Katie’s measurements. We gathered the measurements an emailed them to Silvie. We ordered Katie’s halo immediately and was kept up to date on the order status via email. Upon arrival of Muffin’s halo, we put it on Katie and she came to life!! It made me cry seeing her run around like she was. It was WONDERFUL to see her happy. I hadn’t seen her this confident in this last couple of years!! So if you have a special needs fur baby, don’t wait!! Call Silvie and get your fur baby their own Muffin’s Halo! You will not regret it! Thank you Silvie and Muffin for making such a wonderful product that helps so many special needs fur babies. Sending many thanks to Silvie, Muffin and the entire team! God bless you all for what you are doing!” Terri J

“My little “Beau” is a 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Beau is now blind and deaf. It broke my heart to see him running into furniture. I couldn’t yell at him to stop because he can’t hear me. I was trying desperately to figure out a way to protect Beau’s face and eyes. I began searching the internet and came across “Muffin’s Halo”. I put it on Beau and watched how he would react. Not only was his face protected but he was able to eat, drink and sleep in his halo. He didn’t have any trouble adjusting to his new halo. He is a very happy pup and I am one satisfied and less stressed puppy owner. I would recommend Muffin’s Halo to anyone who has a blind dog or cat. In fact I think with a few size adjustments…this halo could work for a variety of animals who are either losing their sight or are blind. A huge thank you to Silvie Bordeaux and Muffin Bordeaux for giving my little “Beau” an even more comfortable life.” Mimi E

"I was just told 2 months ago that my Bichon was blind. I was devastated, I told the vet to put him down and she talked me out of it. I just did not want him to live a life if he had no quality of life. I got home and instantly went to the internet wanting to learn everything I could about blind dogs. I saw the website for Muffins Halos. I felt very relived that all those dogs were being helped by the halo. I got one for Mickey and he is doing GREAT with it. Now I don't have to worry about him hitting his precious head on anything. He does not mind it at all. When I put it on he knows we are going out for a walk. We LOVE it, thank you very much for making such a wonderful item. I don't know what I would do without it!!!!" Donna B.

"My foster dog, Jul, just received her Muffin's Halo and it is such a blessing for her. Jul is a miniature poodle who is both blind and deaf. She has been moved around so many times that she must feel like she landed on another planet. She really has no idea where she is. It was breaking my heart to see her so lost and confused and just crashing into things, but she hates to be confined and got very upset when I put a soft cone on her to try and protect her head. Right from the start, she had no problem wearing the "halo". It fits her perfectly and is very light weight. Now I can smile when I see her walking around, instead of worrying that she will hurt herself. She also looks so cute in it! I can't thank Silvie and Muffin enough for helping to make the quality of life so much better for sweet Jul." Jane K.

"This product is amazing for dogs with vision problems. I volunteer with a rescue that helps many special needs dogs and one of my fosters, Popeye, a Shi Tzu mix, was diagnosed with permanent vision loss because he was neglected by his previous owners. Popeye did not do well on the leash and had a difficult time moving around, because he was afraid of bumping into things and there was an incident when he ran into a wall in our house, during a thunderstorm because he was so scared of the noises outside. He has had Muffin's Halo for almost a month now and since then he has become more active and adventurous at my house and at the adoption events. Muffin's Halo has helped him gain more confidence and he has become more affectionate with me and new people. Volunteers also have noticed he is more active prior to him using Muffin's Halo and it is because of this product, I truly believe that he will get adopted because it has helped him emotionally and physically." Casey B.

I ordered this item for my rather large Rott/Dobe mix. It turns out he was a little too large for the 3xl size and they worked very hard to get one for him to fit. It is a wonderful product, fits him well and has made his life so much easier. I can not thank them enough for taking the extra time and interest in my dog, Beau. He will be able to get out so much more now. No more worries about him running in to things and hurting his face. This is a very high quality product and strong enough to last a very long time. Beau

"Maltese Max was surrendered by a homeless person. When I rescued him, he had one eye twice the size of the other eye. We ended up discovering he had painful glaucoma and had to have both eyes removed, however was left with one prosthetic eye. I was told by several people about Muffin's Halo and decided to try it out. I was shocked with how quickly Max adapted to it. I mean you could just literally see how suddenly his head came up and it was like he bumped into things like he normally did , but it wasn't his nose bumping into it, it was his shield. He had like special wings. I actually filmed the moment when he first got it. The images of that speak louder than any words that I could come up with. It's very easy, because when you decide to take the wings off, they're attached by velcro, and he's wearing a little harness that the wings are attached to which he would be wearing anyway to be walked. I would recommend it because it gives the dog a sense of freedom. It gives them their little blind dog super powers. It builds their confidence. It allows them to explore a new space, without actually bumping head on into objects. It makes him feel safer." Bronwyne M.

"We love Muffin's Halo and Silvie....Our precious Blind & Deaf Bella was very depressed when she lost her eye sight...I was told I may need to put her down...that made me very I decided to call a blind rescue & they had Silvie call me...after she told me about her blind Muffin and how he was depressed after he lost his sight, and the Halo she made for him...We knew we found our answer....Bella is back to herself, wagging her tail when she walks around with her "Muffin's Halo"... THANK YOU AGAIN Muffin and Silvie..." Love, Nancy and Bella

"This was so absolutely amazing! We have no idea how to thank you! GG is high stepping with the other dogs and it only took minutes for her to get used to it. Thank you so much for making our precious girl's life better!" Shannon B.

Suki is doing great with his halo. Thanks for all your help Silvie. You are an angel!!! Ann

"Muffin's Halo has helped Hannah navigate her new surroundings and gave her a lot of confidence. We love her so much and people like you make our adjustment and Hannah's much easier. Thank you again." Mary T.

"I love the Muffin's Halo. Dustie is familiar with it. She walks faster with it on. When I take it off I have to remember to stay close to her because she still wants to walk as fast as she did with it on. I think it provides her with more confidence and security. Thank you so very much for coming up with such a great product." Terry R.

"Muffin's Halo is an amazing product for blind and visually impaired dogs. I am a professional photographer who also happens to run an animal rescue too. The inventor of Muffin's Halo, Silvie Bordeaux contacted me to shoot photos of the product for her website. I met Muffin during the photoshoot. He is a completely blind dog and Silvie's inspiration to invent Muffin's Halo. Muffin walked confidently and safely around his home. The halo gently would direct Muffin to maneuver himself around when he would walk into walls and furniture while his Halo protected his eyes, face and head from injury. I was so impressed with this product that I instantly became a fan! If you have a pet or know of someone who has a pet who is is losing their freedom due to losing their eye sight or other vision issues, I fully recommend checking out Muffin's Halo to help your pet live better and safer." Mia A.

“My blind baby was walking into walls and furniture. After a fall down the staircase, I decided there must be a product for blind dogs. I came across Muffin’s Halo Facebook page and instantly contacted Silvie. After all the measurements were emailed she had the halo in the mail pronto. Instantly we loved the quality of this product and it looked adorable on my teacup Chihuahua. Silvie contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. After I mentioned it was a bit big but we were satisfied, she went straight to work to make a smaller halo and vest for my dog. I have a very happy dog without head injuries. Thank you Silvie for a wonderful product and helping all the blind dogs.” Cindy R.

"I must agree with the other reviews - a Muffin's Halo is simply a must-have for any blind dog. I recently adopted a blind dog who is also deaf - so I couldn't even warn her before she would bump her little head! She also does not do very well on a leash. I had joked with my family that she really needed a little helmet to protect her head - and, low and behold, I stumbled upon Muffin's Halo. The Muffin's Halo has helped her learn her way around my home and the back yard without hurting herself. Now, anytime I take her somewhere new, I put her halo on and she can explore without fear of getting hurt! It's easy to assemble, put on and take with me." Rebecca B.

When my beloved Marnie went blind, the hardest part was seeing her bump into things. The halo keeps her safe. When she has her halo on, she moves more quickly and I don't have to worry about her hurting herself. Thank you, thank you for inventing a product to keep our precious babies safe. Marnie

Our little Bichon went blind suddenly and was bumping into walls and furniture. His Muffin's Halo helped him navigate the house, building his confidence, and definitely improved his quality of life. M. M. Moore

Wonderful!! This is a great product. I feel so much better letting her walk around and not banging her head or face into things. Donna A.

It takes a little time for the dog to get used to anything new when they've lost their vision, just like with a human. I used this on a foster Chihuahua "Bonita" when a cruel owner put chemicals in her eyes. She was blinded from that, and as far as I know it is permanent. Angels stepped up and got her one of these little harnesses with the wings and the "U" shaped guide around her face. She stood stock still at first but then I would leave it on her and she was soon going around the yard. At least she was not longer running into walls and so on. I would take it off when she would go into her crate for food, and at night when we would all be going to sleep. I totally love this and how it takes Accessibility to a new level for our companion animals. The device is very lightweight and did not encumber her mobility, it enhances mobility once the animal realizes it will protect them. I'd say she got used to the Halo in about 3 days. I actually ordered the SMALL, which fit the 7-8 lb chihuahua just fine. It is important to get all measurements as accurate as possible. Bonita


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