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Muffin’s Blind Soldier Camo Halo ® is a 3 piece must-have device that helps blind dogs transition to become familiar with existing or new surroundings quickly. It starts as a harness that is wrapped snuggly around a dog’s neck and torso. The wing attaches to the neck of the harness. The halo is attached to the wing and when placed on neck of the harness, the halo is just above the eye level and acts as a buffer to safeguard a blind dog’s head, nose, face and shoulders from bumping into hard surfaces. When the halo taps a hard surface, it sends a signal to the dog alerting them to go in a different direction. They catch on very fast and it is truly amazing to watch their confidence level rise. Wearing the harness also makes them feel cuddled and less anxious.  The Muffins Blind Soldier Camo Halo makes them look confident and is a Muffin’s Halo original design.

Material: Light weight and comfortable, made out of polyester/cotton twill and a stylish easy fit with adjustable velcro straps. Muffin’s Blind Soldier Camo Halo does not hinder a dog’s normal daily activity. They can eat, drink, sleep and play with it on.

Care Instructions For Wing and Harness: Cold water machine/delicate or hand wash and lay flat to dry. No bleach. Halo can be cleaned with a baby wipe or damp cloth. The fabric on Muffin’s Blind Soldier Camo Halo halo part is a durable water resistant nylon pack cloth.

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23 reviews for Muffin’s Blind Soldier Camo Halo

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I found the service of Muffin’s halo to be very prompt and professional.
    My little dog bumped one of her blind eyes on the corner brick of the house, causing her a injury that could take up to six weeks to heal.
    I explained this to the staff at Muffin’s, and explained to them that she really needed a halo elegantly, due to she is not allowed to bump her eye till it heals.
    And the staff at Muffin’s halo were most extremely helpful in getting my halo to Melbourne Australia as quick as they could. ( 3days)
    Now my little dog is so happy, the halo fits her perfectly, and she can now run around again without the worry of her knocking her head and eyes about.
    Thank you Muffin’s halo for everything you have done. ?

  2. Marianne B. (verified owner)

    Our 15 year old Min Pin, Charlie is not only blind but deaf. Throughout his life Charlie loved to stand on the landing in our pool and cool off. No matter how many times we tried to teach him the doggie paddle with his life vest on, he never could grasp the concept. Little did we know that the day after he started to wear his Halo( which he was surprisingly receptive to)we would feel compelled to share a testimony. We are extremely cautious about his going out back now that he has lost his vision and hearing. Unable to judge, our poor little man fell into the pool. The wings literally brought him right back up to the surface and he swam across and we got him out safely. We are so pleased with this investment and feel compelled to share, how it was literally a life saver!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Silvie & Muffin

  3. Teresa A. (verified owner)

    My sheltie loves his Muffin’s Halo!!! He can join in a run and play with our other shelties. This is a real life changer for him. He is free to play both outside and inside. He even runs up and down the steps with excitement when it is dinner time.

  4. Keith Holstead (verified owner)

    I purchased the cameo colored blind soldier halo for my genetically blind Sharpei, Shotgun Cotton. It helps him be more assured of himself and keeps him from damaging his eyes further

  5. Silvia Aguilar

    I got it two years ago for my son BICHO, and for the very first time he wears It, he becomes happier because he can walk and do not hit nothing.
    Thank you for your help and for make my dog’s Life better.

  6. Camille N (verified owner)

    I purchased the camo halo for my active 12 year old 35 pound Jindo mix. The halo protected her head as she walked around the house. She didn’t mind wearing it. She even slept with it on. I highly recommend it, especially if your fur baby becomes blind later in life. Thank you.

  7. D Michell

    My Blue Heeler lost his eyesight about 2years ago if I hadn’t researched an found Muffins Halo I would not have my dog now he runs on a farm and still with the help of the halo he still runs on the farm. I purchased the camo halo because I was in the military and my dog is a true best friend and I’m so thankful for the halo.

  8. Staci (verified owner)

    Muffins Halo is a godsend of a product. Maliboo slowly lost his sight over 4 years and in the beginning he would hit his head or nose as he would run around which scared him and made him scared to move thus depressed. I googled how to help my dog on the way to becoming blind and found Muffins Halo. Now Maliboo has confidence to roam around and stay connected actively with our family. Now when we go on walks his halo protects him 100% from running into walls, trees, all obstacles. He is so happy and so am I! Way to go Sylvia!

  9. Gretchen Crumpacker

    Our one-eyed rescue Boston Terrier Bella got very nervous and barky when her remaining eye developed an infection & also had to be removed. While she has a good proximity sense, she hasn’t wanted to give up her walkies & was constantly bumping her head. Her Muffin’s Halo has made her more confident, less barky, and less prone to walk smack into a telephone pole the minute I look away!

  10. Francisco Jesús Bejar Bejar

    Hello from Spain. I think is
    the BEST product I adquired for my french bulldog BICHO, is wonderful how he grew in happines and have a better life quality

  11. Robyn Joy (verified owner)

    My puggle, Marley, lost his eyesight due to diabetes, and our wonderful Vet recommended getting him a halo. At first Marley did not like the idea of having something else put on him (blame me for making him dress up for holidays), until he realized he could walk again without hurting himself. The longer he wore the halo, the more confidence he gained.

    After a month of not being able to see, I took him for a walk, first time with his halo on. The most magical and heart warming thing happened – my dog began to run, tail wagging the whole time! I had not seen him that happy in so long, and I caught it all on video. The halo has truly been a blessing to his, and my life. I was so focused on taking care of my dog, and doing everything I could to help him, that I lost sight (no pun intended) on myself. The halo has allowed Marley to walk (run) confidently, take himself out to go potty without depending on me 24/7, and brought back his fun personality.

    Before I was anxious and worried about him moving around, or being left alone when I went to work. Now I can relax a little more, and also purchased a camera so I can check in on him during the work day. I noticed he seems comfortable sleeping with the halo on, and eating/drinking seems to be okay also.

    When I get home I do take the halo off so we can work on certain commands/key words so we arent dependent on the halo all the time. He knows “stairs” “step up” “step down” & “watch out!”

    All in all, this was a GREAT purchase that has been truly life changing, & worth getting. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and Marley’s too, for making such an amazing product for blind dogs. XOXO

  12. Carissa (verified owner)

    We love our hallo! a month ago I had no idea this even existed but now we know and our sweet boy can cruise around the backyard and new environments safely. Silvie went above and beyond to make sure his halo fits perfectly. She truly cares about each pet receiving their halo to safely get around. Having your dog go blind is devastating but her halo gives them some of their freedom & confidence back. THANK YOU SILIVE!

  13. Collette

    We love our muffin’s Halo. It fit and is great for when we are in a new place.

  14. Toni Fleming (verified owner)

    I purchased a Muffins Halo for my 7yo Australian Cattle Dog who had her eyes removed due to some problems.

    I was concerned that she would loose her mobility due to being blind. I found the Muffins Halo Website and I was impressed with the product.

    I ordered the Camo Halo for her, and she has adapted to it very well. The fit is great and the quality of it is excellent.

    One great benefit with it is the Halo detaches easily from the harness for traveling in the car or crating the dog.

    My vet was so impressed with the product, never seeing anything like it, that he took pictures of her in it to show other vet’s and clients.

    I would recommend Muffins Halo to anyone with a blind dog!

    Toni from Australia

  15. Amanda Kennedy (verified owner)

    Hello from Canada! We have a 12yr old Pug who lost his vision quite suddenly late last year. After searching for blind dog products, Muffin’s Halo looked to be the best option. I was amazed at how fast we received our custom halo, the fit was perfect AND for the first time since losing his vision, Bernard was able to walk with confidence again! It’s been 6 months now and the suit is still in great shape, a 100% must have for all blind dogs. Our blind soldier is a true fighter and he loves wearing his Muffin’s Halo. Thank you!!!

  16. Carla Sanders (verified owner)

    Muffin’s Halo is awesome!

  17. Heidi

    Muffins Halo gave my dog her confidence back and she able to safely and freely resume her adventures around our home.

  18. Sue (verified owner)

    I got this for my friend’s Maltese who had to get his eyes removed. He was able to navigate safely during walks outside. At home he knows his way around so we can take the halo off. It’s a great product for new and unfamiliar places.

  19. honey santos

    My Kenneth’s halo worked like a dream!!! He is now more confident and more outgoing… he is a new handsome baby!!!

  20. Robin Grondin

    Muffin’s Halo has prevented my blind dogs from further eye injuries.
    Before they started wearing Muffin’s Halo they both had scratched their eyes on something. The eye specialist and prescriptions were very costly and their injuries broke my heart.
    Since Muffin’s Halo, no more eye injuries ♥️

  21. Patricia Hanlin (verified owner)

    This is a great product to have, if you have a blind dog. Ours adjusted to it without any problem and it keeps him from injuring himself like he was doing before we got it. I am so thankful for to have found it.

  22. Toni Trauman

    This is a must have device for any dog with vision issues… please don’t wait until an accident happens we only have two eyes and this has saved my energetic male Yorky were at the age of about five years started losing his site and it went rapidly. I got online and researched and found this and thought it was a longshot but it has been a lifesaver and it is extremely kind to our four-legged friends. Toby was always comfortable in a vest so the halo fit right in and he’s able to be that little rambunctious male Yorky that doesn’t see a thing but maneuvers nicely without injuring himself… it’s a win-win I would recommend this to any and all with vision issues. Thank you

  23. Camille N (verified owner)

    The Muffin’s Halo was really helpful for my blind Jindo mix, Foxie. The halo prevented Foxie from bumping into the walls, cabinets and stuff around the house. The halo protected Foxie while walking around. Foxie was also able to sleep comfortably with the halo. The halo is light weight and very sturdy (even for my rough dog). Foxie welcomed wearing it. The halo may seem pricey at first but it is worth it. We purchased the camo design halo; it was cute and fit Foxie’s personality.

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